Lupillo Rivera caught in racy porno photo scandal!

Lupillo RiveraLupillo Rivera, El Toro del Corrido and Jenni Rivera's little brother, is being blackmailed and I have to say I totally feel for him and his whole family. It's pretty awful. Someone or a group of someones broke into his home and, among other things, stole some unedited music recordings and intimate pictures he took with his wife. It sucks that the music recordings were stolen, but it sucks even more that the pictures were taken because now whoever did the stealing is demanding that Rivera pay up or the photos will be leaked.

ARGHHHHH! Can you imagine? Just how naughty and explicit are the pictures?


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Well, I wouldn't know how bad the photos are because I haven't seen them nor do I want to, but Rivera himself says they are strong and not anything he would want the public to lay eyes on. I feel bad for Rivera, but I feel even worse for his wife and kids. His kids don't need to see that! His wife doesn't need to go through the public humiliation. These are photos that were taken in private by a married couple. No one else needs to see them.

I have no idea if Rivera will be pay the extortionists behind this crime, but I hope for his sake and his family's sake that those images are not disseminated to the media. Although, now that they are out of his hands, I doubt that they won't somehow make it into the hands of the highest bidder.

There is no privacy in this world of ours any more, is there?

Imagen vía Lupillo8/Twitter

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