WATCH: 3-year-old dancing on talent show is cutest thing you'll see all day

Get ready because some major cuteness is headed your way! Meet Zhang Junhao, a 3-year-old from China's Shandong province, who recently blew away the judges on Amazing Chinese--the country's equivalent to America's Got Talent. The toddler's skill? Dancing! Adorable dancing!

As can be seen in the clip below, the little boy performed some amazingly cute choreography, customized to each song in his playlist. And trust me, he's got some serious moves you don't want to miss! Check it out after the jump.


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The video shows Junhao taking the stage, armed with a portable speaker system and a remote control that he quickly hands over the judges. As the judges press the control to change the music, the toddler switches from dance to dance. The entire thing is ridiculously cute. Seriously, this kid's skills are pretty darn impressive!

But my favorite part is when he starts doing the robot at around the 4:30 mark. His moves are just spot-on! Needless to say, all of the judges gave him their approval and allowed him to move on and compete in the next portion of the competition. And who can blame them? I don't think anyone can resist such a charismatic 3-year-old!

Watch Junhao's dance in its entirety below.

Image via YouTube

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