WATCH: Spider-Man gets in touch with his inner baby in awesome new Evian ad

Baby Spider-Man AdI'm one of those people that actually like to watch commercials. The good ones, of course. There are commercials that have made me laugh, ones that have made me cry and a bunch that I have muted. If you think of what some brands are able to accomplish in such a short period of time, it's pretty amazing. Cue a fun new commercial for Evian featuring The Amazing Spider-Man and The Amazing Baby Spider-Man! You have to see it, it's one of those ads that grabs your attention and keeps you watching, you don't even care what the ad is for.


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The commercial came about as a collaboration between and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 that hits theaters in May. Evian has had success with a series of Baby & Me ads that feature adults looking at mirror images of themselves as babies, cute shenanigans ensue. In this case, it's Spider-Man who catches a reflection of himself as a baby.

You don't even know what the commercial is for until the very end when you see a closing image with branding for Evian that says, "Live young" and a shout out to The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

It's a fun ad that has cross-generational appeal. For example, my 3-year-old watched it with me and she liked it so much she asked for it to be replayed. I think the Spider-Man Baby and all the awesome dance moves might have something to do with her liking it so much because as far as I know, she's not really into drinking Evian water.

Anyway, check out this cuteness!

Image via EvianBabies/YouTube

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