'The Voice': A star is born & a surprise contestant earns Adam's steal

A star was born tonight, and that star is Sisaundra Lewis. Her other worldly voice proved she will be a force to be reckoned with this season and surely earn her place on the finals stage. The rest of the duos were impeccably matched, but with only one winner per battle, tonight brought us a shocking steal and a disappointing exit. 


Hands down the most memorable performance was brought to us by Team Blake, with Biff Gore and Sisaundra Lewis going head to head with "It's A Man's, Man's, Man's World" by James Brown. It was a perfect song choice for these two powerhouses who delivered a performance worthy of "The Voice" tour. Sisaundra's "unreal" performance earned the win for Blake. Poor Biff, who was a strong contender, might have won had he been paired against another contestant. Given the praise he received, I was surprised he didn't earn a steal.

Shakira challenged artsy Ddendyl to battle the youngest competitor, Deja Hall, singing A Great Big World's "Say Something." Adam raved about how different the two were in quality, making the decision even more difficult for Shakira. The winner was 16 year-old Deja Hall who continues to impress the judges with her innocence and honesty. Personally, I thought Ddendyl had the more unique voice, but Shakira chose the artist with whom she could make the greatest impact and growth. Kristen Merlin also advances for Team Shakira, who went with her gut, despite Emily B.'s strong performance of the Dixie Chicks' "I Can Love You Better." 

 Usher paired soulful Stevie Jo, against former baseball player, Morgan Wallen, to sing One Directions "Story of My Life." With Stevie Jo's technical prowess expected to blow out newbie, Morgan Wallen, it was Morgan who exceeded the judges' expectations, earning praise for his falsetto and raspy voice and for his great improvement. Usher chose the soulful essence of Stevie Jo, but Adam came in with a huge surprise steal, saving Morgan from elimination. I'm curious to see how he continues to grow under Adam's guidance.

Only a few more battles remain, so stay tuned for next week's Part 3, as we continue to see who will make it to the next round. 

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