Kim Kardashian says North peed on Kanye during Vogue shoot!

Kim, Kanye, and North WestOkay by now you probably know that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West made the cover of the April issue of Vogue. It's kind of sort of a big deal for a variety of reasons. To begin with there are some that are eating serious crow right now because they were sure that Kimye would never get a full frontal on such a hallowed fashion publication. Never say never, my friends. Then it is also a big deal because Kanye is the first rap star on the cover, Kim is the first reality star on the cover and together they are the first interracial couple on the cover. Not too shabby. BUT the best part of the whole Kim and Kanye Vogue experience happened during the photo shoot with their baby North and was revealed by Kim on Tuesday night while she was on Late Night with Seth Meyers. I cannot wait to tell you!


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While that beautiful family portrait was being taken. Yeah, the one up top. Naked little Nori peed all over Kanye! I love it!!! Finally someone gets to piss all over Kanye without any major backlash. Go, North West!

Kardashian told Meyers, "North peed on him right at that moment and he was trying to tell me and I couldn't really hear him. I had to get up and clean her off, clean him off. It's a good memory."

I'm telling you parenthood is the great equalizer. I don't care who you are or how great you think you are, your baby will get you at one point or another.

Image via Vogue

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