Jennifer Lopez opens up about the REAL inspiration behind her new album

Jennifer Lopez claims she's still the "same girl" from her "Jenny from the Block" days, but if you listen to her untitled new album out on June 17, you'd discover that when it comes to love J.Lo is a whole new woman. I don't mean that in a bad way either. Jennifer claims the "turning points" in her life have really helped her evolve into the person she is now. In fact, she admits that one of things that inspired the new album was her divorce to ex-husband Marc Anthony. Meanwhile, here I am thinking the entire thing was based off her relationship with boy toy Casper Smart! What do I know, right?


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"My goal was to just be as honest as I could," she told PopCrush regarding the new album. "You know, I'd gone through a lot in my life right at that point when I went on tour. I'd been through a divorce. A lot of things had happened. I really felt like it was a turning point in my life." As painful as the divorce to Marc Anthony must have been, Jennifer claims that it taught her a lot about herself, especially when it comes to how she perceives love. 

"My topic is love. It always has been. It's my motivation. It's what I think about. That's who I am at the essence. But what I thought about love for my first nine albums is very different from what I think about it now after everything I've been through," she said.

Despite the fact that Jennifer seems to have it all figured out now, she's still that same girl from the Bronx that we all love and relate to. "I'm the same girl that I always was, while I've evolved and I've grown and I have more experience. And I have to put that into this album--and I think I really did," she added.

If you really want a peek into J.Lo's love life, make sure you listen to "First Love," "Emotions" and "Let It be." She claims they're all VERY personal. I don't know about you, but I can't wait to hear this entire album. I don't think Jennifer has ever really revealed this much about herself. We see this Bronx chica turned mega super star and it's easy to forget that behind all that glam is a real woman with real feelings, real experiences and a real need to be loved--just like the rest of us!

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