SEE: Selena Gomez nude photo!

It is still up in the air as to whether or not Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are back together, but bf or not--the former Disney teen queen is not holding back when it comes to ramping up her sexy image. 

As a matter of fact, the 21-year-old Latina recently followed in the steps of legions of other pop stars and actresses (I'm looking at you Rihanna) and recently posted a NUDE pic to her Instagram account. You HAVE to check it out!


OK, OK, fine, so it's not like you can see everything! But considering the fact that Selena has always been super squeaky clean about her image, reportedly even heading to rehab back at the beginning of the year—not because she was having issues with alcohol or prescription drugs, but because she was having a really hard time getting over the Biebz.

For someone who seemingly takes her young fan base and holds her roots true to heart, this racy pic was pretty out there. 

In th grand scheme of things though, it seems pretty tame. She's not posting full-frontal shots ala Lady Gaga or even gratuitous boob & butt shots like the aformentioned Ri-Ri or Nicki Minaj. It's actually a pretty, artful shot that manages to strike a good balance betwen sexy and mysterious.

I just hope this isn't the first step down a slippery slope for Selena. She's clearly growing up and we have to let her do that. Even if our little ones do idolize and look up to her, she's not going to stay the same old Wizards of Waverly Place star forever! Spring Breakers pretty much put that character to rest.

Honestly, I feel for these young women trying to grow up and figure everything out under the glaring eye of the spotlight the way Selena has to. It's hard enough as it is to grow up without everyone critiquing your every last move. The only piece of advice I have for Selena is to keep expressing herself in ways that help her figure out who she is, and to run FAR and FASTfrom Justin freggin' Bieber.

Believe me, as a reformed bad-boy lover, that kid is going to bring you nothing but grief. Just move on! I know, I know, first loves are so hard to let go of, but seriously. He's just going to drag you down to his level and you are clearly lightyears more mature than he is. It's time to bid that bad news adios.

Photos via Getty and Instagram