Kris Jenner sex tape may drop soon, yuck

kris jennerThe Kardashians certainly love to stay in the spotlight--including "momager" Kris Jenner, who, in addition to managing her children's careers (including the blossoming modeling careers of Kendall and Kylie), has also penned an autobiography, enjoyed a stint as daytime talk show host on FOX's short-lived Kris, and designed an eponymous fashion line for QVC.

Now, the chisme-sphere is abuzz with rumors of Kris Jenner having recorded a sex tape--allegedly the result of a bedroom romp involving a hidden camera. According to unidentified sources, some scoundrel has been blackmailing Jenner, threatening to release the video unless she shells out some serious dinero. These same sources claim that Jenner has received over 100 harassing calls but is hesitant to involve police out of fear of a potential scandal. Could it be true!?


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Maybe I'm just a skeptic, but I have a difficult time believing Jenner would be so tormented by the prospect of a sex tape being released. After all, her daughter Kim's entire career was catapulted by just such an event (and, lest we forget, the Kim and Ray J sex tape was also somehow mysteriously "leaked"). Some might argue that Jenner is a mother of six and a grandmother of three, and so would never consider releasing some raunchy homemade video to kick up some controversy and gain some media ink. But this is the same woman that, in January, posted a perfectly posed photo of herself in a barely-there black bikini for all of her Instagram followers to see--and, in turn, for them to gush about how stunning she looks at the age of 58.

And isn't it convenient that talks of the tape are surfacing just as her split from Bruce Jenner is becoming old news? To me, this all feels like a publicity stunt--whether or not it ultimately culminates in a sex tape being leaked online. And if it does, I'm sure plenty of Kardashian-obsessed fans will watch it (whether they admit it or not) to see if Mama Kris really does keep it tight and to comment about any similarities between her bedroom moves and those of daughter Kim.

If my instincts are wrong and Jenner is indeed being blackmailed, then my heart goes out to her since no one deserves such harassment. But my spidey senses tell me this is all just another storyline in the dysfunctional novela that is Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

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