'The Voice': Adam and Shakira fight for a steal in battle rounds

The Voice picked up where it left off with its battle rounds tonight. With only a few spots left on each team and a a handful of steals on the table, both the contestants and the coaches were feeling the pressure. But while all of the singers gave it their all, only one could win each battle. So who made it through and


Rock singers Clarissa Serna and Jeremy Briggs of Team Shakira started off the night with their rendition of Foreigner's "Cold as Ice." Blake and Adam each said they'd choose Serna over Briggs, while Usher sided with Briggs.  But while Shakira said both of them "showed confidence" and gave a powerful performance, she ultimately went with the majority and kept Clarissa on her team.

Caleb Elder and Delvin Choice had the challenge of taking on the song of their very own celeb guest mentor Aloe Blacc. It was definitely a huge test, as both Adam and Aloe put them through vocal bootcamp to perfect the track. And their hard work paid off--both Elder and Choice did a great job, but Levine ended up choosing Choice.

Melissa Jimenez and Brittnee Camelle of Team Usher made for one of the most memorable battles of the night. The two powerhouse vocalists sang ""Give it to Me Right" and blew all of the coaches away. Blake looked lke he was about to keel over from shock! Ha...and I don't blame him! They are very talented and their last note was especially epic. I was a tough choice for Usher, but he eventually picked Jimenez as the winner.

Not all was lost for Brittnee though! BOTH Adam and Shakira hit their steal buttons for her and did their best to try to convince her to join them, with Adam reminding him of his two past wins and Shakira telling her they were a perfect match. Unfortunately for Shaki, she chose Adam as her new coach! I'm glad she was saved as she definitely warrants a spot in the competition.

Still, it seems things are only going to continue to get more heated from here on out. I can't wait to see how the battles play out next week!

Image via NBC

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