Michelle Obama teams up with Jennifer Lopez!

We've all had our moments when we thought our moms were nagging pests. But now that a majority of us actually are moms, we all know that they only nag because they care. And that's the essence of the new online video campaign, #YourMomCares that features Michelle Obama along with a team of celebs' moms including the mamis of Jonah Hill, Adam Levine, Alicia Keys and--my favorite--Jennifer Lopez's mom! The video encourages young adults to finally sign up for health care now that the final weeks of ACA enrollment are nearing. They basically say if you're not going to do it for yourself at least do it for your mom! Adorable, right?


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The video starts off with the celebs' mom's thinking back on when their superstar kids were younger. Levine's mom, Patsy Noah, and Hill's mom, Sharon Feldstein, cracked me up. Apparently their sons weren't easy. "Both of our boys were rambunctious, mischievous, naughty," Noah said. "Gifted, talented, kind," Feldstein added.

It seems like the moms of the female celebs had less to complain about. Their daughters showed superstar qualities from day one. According to Jennifer Lopez's mom, Guadalupe Rodriguez, "Jennifer walked at 8 month. And she was climbing out of her crib when she was a year old. At one point, I thought, 'Well maybe she should be a gymnast.' " Ha!

After the adorable reminiscing, each of the moms talks about why they think it's SO important that everyone (no matter how young or healthy) should have health care coverage. "Young people feel invincible and until something actually happens they will continue to feel invincible and unfortunately things do happen," Feldstein says. Levine's mom chimes in saying, "Seriously, do you want your mother's to have a nervous breakdown? You need health insurance, it's imperative that you have health insurance." They all end it suggesting to viewers to AT LEAST do it for their moms.

The video ends with a closing message from First Lady Michelle Obama herself saying, "We nag you because we love you"--and she's so right! Watch the video and make sure you get yourself covered--unless you want to hear your  Latina mom nag you of course!

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