WATCH: Cute cover of Pharrell Williams will make you "Happy"

By now, we're all familiar with Pharrell's incredibly popular song off the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack, "Happy." The singer and producer extraordinaire even took the stage to perform it himself at this year's Oscars! But I think the most recent cover of the track, sung by a group of very talented and adorable little kids, is definitely my favorite rendition so far!

The children's choir from the Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences recently took on the catchy song--and they pretty much NAILED it.


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The video starts off with a cute little boy singing the song solo, while the choir dances along to the lyrics behind him. Soon, everyone is joining in the upbeat chorus and moving to the beat. Another young vocalist steps forward to wrap up the song, before their performance ends with a child saying, "There you have it! We're the Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences choir and we'd love to hear from you soon."

Um ... I'd love to hear more of them soon. Seriously, these kids are amazing talented! Not only do both the soloists and the rest of the choir sound great (which they do!), but I'm taken aback b y just how fine-tuned they are. Every move and every note is so in sync. It's clear they spent a lot of time practicing--and it definitely paid off!

And I'm not the only one who thinks so. The clip has gotten over 100,000 views since it was posted! 

Check out the video for yourself below. It's pretty much guaranteed to brighten your day!

Image via YouTube

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