WATCH: Parents perfectly lip-synch 'Frozen' song & daughter is not impressed

Disney's movie Frozen has become a huge hit among parents, largely due to its catchy soundtrack. In fact we've already seen tons of hilarious reprisals of its Oscar-nominated song "Let It Go" on YouTube. But I think this latest rendition of another of the movie's songs, "Love is an Open Door," is my favorite.

As can be seen in the hilarious clip below, it's the parents, not the kids, who are happily lip synching along to the song this time around. In fact, their daughter's reaction to their singing is actually pretty much the opposite of what you'd expect--albeit still priceless. Check it out below!


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The video shows the parents perfectly lip-synching along to the song while driving--and when I say perfectly, I mean they don't miss one single beat, word, or even fake laugh. They even make coinciding facial expressions and hand gestures to along with the lyrics. It's pretty impressive!

Unfortunately, not everyone thinks so. The best part of this whole video, by far, is watching the daughter's reaction. As the couple puts on their little front seat performance, she sits in the back quietly, looking completely unmoved. Instead of joining in with her super enthusiastic parents, she could not look possibly more bored. She pretty much yawns through the entire 2-minute song and at one point, literally shields herself with a book. Ha!! Looks like she's well on her way to becoming the embarrassed teenager!

Still, their daughter's lack of interest doesn't seem to bother these parents. They just continue with their merry singing. Watch their entire performance--and the daughter's hilarious response--below:

Image via YouTube

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