La Voz Kids rocked by tragedy after contestant Iralia Latorre dies

Is there anything more tragic than the death of a child? I don't have the words to describe how sad it is for me to tell you this news: La Voz Kids has just announced the death of one of its most beloved contestants, Iralia Latorre. The young girl, with mischievous face and the voice of an angel, was 11 years old and had made the three coaches of the Spanish version of the kids' reality show, fall in love with her. She had a bright future ahead of her.


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Her family posted the news to her Facebook page. According to them, Iralia had been battling cancer for about four years. They didn't specify what kind of cancer. It seems that from the time that the first episodes were filmed to the present, when they started airing, Iralia's condition deteriorated. So sad!

Iralia was one of the favorites to win this edition of La Voz Kids in Spain. the video of her blind audition, the only one they've aired because the new season just began, will make you cry. Iralia's voice will move you. I can't stop thinking about her parents. It must have been a dream to see her succeed on the show, even more when all three judges turned their chairs to fight for her. Now the family has to decide what to do with the rest of the performances that have already been recorded.

The young contestant, who had the chance to choose as coach either Grammy winning David Bisbal or another Latin Grammy winning singer, Rosario, went for multiplatinum singer Malú. Malú took to Twitter to express her condolences: "Once again, death manifests itself in the most unfair way ... Iralia, mi amor, the angels are waiting for you ... Rest in peace."

Bisbal was also moved by the tragedy and tweeted: "I'm very affected and without words about the death of Iralia. Courage and strength to her family."

"If you want to show your condolences and affection in the form of flowers or anything simliar, instead please give a donation to, the organization that has been giving us its generous help for more than four years now, since Iralia fell ill," Iralia's parents have asked.

The American version of La Voz Kids starts airing here in the States on Telemundo this Sunday. I saw the reality show las year and know firsthand that the audience falls in love with the kids participating. It's very hard.

Our hearts and prayers are with Iralia's family during this difficult time.

I leave you with Iralia's blind audition video. Get some tissues ready:


Image via Iralia Latorre/Facebook

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