WATCH: Abuelos have the best reactions to Shakira's sexiest music video yet

shakiraBy now you've probably seen the hot video for Shakira and Rihanna's song "Can't Remember to Forget You." It's so racy that you probably wouldn't share it with your abuela or abuelo. However, YouTube geniuses TheFineBros did just that and the abuelos reactions are PRICELESS.

You can't expect your grandparents to know who these popular big name artists are, but they don't need to in order to watch the video. Wait till you see what some of them say!


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Our abuelos and abuelas share wise insight about life and give great advice. After all, they've been on this planet a lot longer than we have. But one challenge they face is keeping up with the times. That's why when I saw what some abuelos had to say about Shaki and RiRi's latest music video, I was in tears of laughter.

Although some of us may think that video was tame, our abuelos probably aren't used to seeing that in their time. My favorite viejito in the funny video was one who enjoyed seing Shakira and Rihanna gyrating their best assets. In fact, he said he could watch the video for hours!

I'm sure MANY men out there agree with him, because these are two of the hottest ladies in music right now. Check out these awsome reactions and prepare to laugh out loud! 

Image via YouTube

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