George LopezGeorge Lopez is funny, but the way he is treating himself is not funny at all. On Thursday, February 27, he got so drunk that he passed out on a casino floor. I mean face down on the carpet, drunk as funk with his panza hanging out and everything. It happened at the Caesars Windsor casino in Canada where Lopez had performed earlier that same day. Hotel staff alerted the police that the 53-year-old comedian was so borracho he was using the floor to recover. Wait until you see a picture of him on the ground, it's sad.

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George Lopez passed out on casino floorLook at that! That is a man who is beyond drunk. That is a man with a problem.

He was arrested for public intoxication and being a tripping hazard to other casino patrons. I'm kidding, but only about the tripping hazard part. He was basically taken to the drunk tank to sober up. No charges were filed, I'm thinking that might have something to do with the fact that he had another show to put on at the casino the next night. I think they would rather have him perform than have him locked up.

I think this is such a bummer because--correct me if I am wrong--but didn't Lopez's ex-wife give him a kidney before he promptly left her?

Dude, what are you doing? You've got a borrowed kidney that you are working with and you are drinking to the point of passing out?! You need help. I really hope you get some because what a shame to drink yourself into an early grave when you have so much going for you and so many people rooting for you. --Additional reporting by Giselle Castro and Michelle Regalado

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Christina Aguilera 1

Christina Aguilera

Image via Getty

This pop star may seem put together now, but in 2011, Xtina and her boyfriend Matthew Rutler were arrested for driving while intoxicated.


Don Omar 2

Don Omar

Image via Getty Images

The singer had his own run in with police in 2004 in his native Puerto Rico. He was caught with a gun, a bag of weed and over $1,000 in U.S. dollars while riding in his Hummer. He almost faced 10 years in prison but charges against him were eventually dropped.


Michelle Rodriguez 3

Michelle Rodriguez

Image via Getty Images

This Latina is known to get in trouble and have quite the temper in Hollywood. In 2005 she was arrested in Hawaii for driving while intoxicated and even talked back to police and allegedly told them to shoot her.

Paulina Rubio 4

Paulina Rubio

Image via Getty Images

The X Factor was arrested in Miami in 2011 after she had a minor traffic accident. She resulted in mouthing off and cursing to police calling them abusive. She was still in the breastfeeding phase with her son which kept her from getting into further trouble with the cops. 


Nicole Richie 5

Nicole Richie

Image via Getty Images

Before Nicole Richie cleaned up her act, she had a bad girl past. Richie was caught in posession of heroin and driving with a suspended license in 2003. Another time she was arrested for driving drunk, high, and under the influence of Vicodin in the wrong direction. Crazy!


Bruno Mars 6

Bruno Mars

Image via Getty Images

Don't let the singer's baby face fool you. He had a run in with Las Vegas police after they found 2.6 grams of cocaine in his car while at the Hard Rock Cafe and Casino.


Charlie Sheen 7

Charlie Sheen

Image via Getty

It would have been a shocker had Charlie Sheen not appeared on our list. The bad boy actor has been arrested several times, including two times on separate occasions for domestic abuse and one time for cocaine overdose. Since then he has calmed down, but who could forget his "Tiger Blood" episode?

Jose Canseco 8

Jose Canseco

Image via Getty

This former baseball player is no stranger to police. He's been arrested for use of steroids, reckless driving, domestic abuse, aggravated battery, and carrying an unlicensed gun. Most recently he's made headlines after a woman accused him of sexually assaulting her in Las Vegas. Sheesh!