Michelle Rodriguez might have a chaotic life between her filming schedules and her wild antics with her girlfriend Cara Delevingne, but she also knows how to take some time to herself and just relax. Case in point? The 35-year-old actress recently took to Instagram to post a photo of herself meditating while on vacation in Thailand. Oh, and did I mention she's nude?

That's right ... totally in the buff! Check out the naked photo after the jump.


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"A sweet break from worldly chaos not missing the city although the mosquitos are killer out here love the peace & quiet," Rodriguez wrote alongside the snapshot, which shows her from behind, sitting unclothed on the grass and looking out at a beautiful tropical landscape. Well, I guess stripping down is one way to get in that serene state of mind!   

For some reason, this photo doesn't surprise me at all, coming from Rodriguez. I just feel like if any celeb was to post a nude photo of themselves on purpose, it would be her! First, because she's always been far from shy. But also because who could blame her for showing off her bod? She is ridiculously fit!

Besides, if you're going to bare all anywhere, what better place than in an isolated, tranquil location like that? I don't know where exactly in Thaliand she is, but it looks like paradise!

Of course, people are now speculating over who snapped the photo, with many claiming it was taken by Delevnigne. The two have been inseparable lately and the model also posted a photo of herself scuba diving in a similar-looking tropical location.

Whatever the case, Rodriguez is far from the only celeb to show off some skin on Twitter. Below, check out her photos and some other sexy pics posted by famous Latinas:

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