'The Voice' blind auditions: Is Adam already beating out the other coaches?!

The Voice season 6 is officially here and round two of the blind auditions kicked off tonight! Shakira and Usher are back in their big, red chairs alongside Blake and Adam and it seems they're all determined to win, as four coaches continued to duke it out for the most talented contestants. And there was definitely no shortage of amazing acts to fight over  this go around!


The night started off with a bang, with returning contestant Delvin Choice, who auditioned last season and didn't make it through. This time around, he nailed his song and got ALL  of the coaches to turn around! WOW, way to make a comeback!

The coaches fought tooth and nail to win him over, with Shakira even raising her hand to "solemnly swear" that she would take him to the top. Unfortunately for her, Choice chose to go with Adam.

Another big surprise came during Noah Lis' audition. He got almost all the way through his rendition of "Me And Mrs. Jones" before Adam and Blake both hit their buttons at the very last minute--leaving Shakira and Usher (and me!) very surprised! Adam gave it his best shot, but Lis ultimately decided to join Team Blake.

Deja Hall also stood out with her version of "True Colors," getting Shakira, Usher, and Blake to turn their chairs for her. Though all three made their case, with Blake even reminding Hall that he won season 4 with another 16-year-old, Danielle Bradbery. But despite his efforts, Hall ended up going with Shakira, making her the first of the night to join her team.

Last but not least, Cary Laine got all four of the coaches fighting with her audition, during which she sang "Better Dig Two." The coaches pulled out ALL of the stops for this one, with Adam offering her his seat and Usher imploring to "look into his eyes." Ha! Though many probably assumed she'd stick with her country roots and pick Blake, she ended up going against tradition and choosing Adam!

Man...Adam seems to have a way of almost always winning over these four chair turn-around contestants! Still, it's clear that Usher, Shakira and Blake aren't about to take things lying down. One thing's for sure: this competion is about to get heated!

Image via NBC

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