Matthew McConaughey makes Mexico really mad with bad joke

matthew mcconaugheyMathew McConaughey is perhaps best known for wearing a shirt as little as possible and oh yeah, that successful acting career he has going on. He also happens to be married to stunning Brazilian model and designer Camila Alves; they have three children together. This year McConaughey has been nominated for an Oscar for his role in Dallas Buyers Club for which he lost an amazing 47 pounds. Naturally people want to know how he lost the weight because, son of a gun, if people aren't obsessed with weight loss in general. So during an interview with CNN's Piers Morgan, he asked McConaughey how to lose 43 pounds quickly and McConaughey made a joke at Mexico's expense that has offended more than a few people. What was the joke?


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He said, "Go to Mexico and drink the water," and he winked, which is the universal sign for "I'm joking!" Piers then laughed his ass off. Why isn't anyone mad at Morgan for laughing so hard?

Honestly, I don't think it's worth getting upset about. It was obviously a JOKE. An easy one at that. Is it stereotypical? Sure. Is it accurate? I have no idea, I have not imbibed Mexican tap water since I was 10 and got amoebic dysentery while visiting family.

By the way, I did lose 25 pounds, but at the time I could not afford to lose that kind of weight. Do I love Mexico any less because I got sick from the water? No! Is it possible that the water is now totally safe and drinkable? Absolutely. Would I drink it to make sure? No way!

The truth is that no one really wants to know how McConaughey lost weight because it's boring, so he made an easy joke to avoid the real answer. I really don't think there was any nefarious intent there. The real answer would probably go something like this: I am privileged to get paid a buttload of money to act like someone else. In this role, I needed to lose weight to be believable, so I ate VERY little. I was hungry all the time, but I kept focused thinking about how much I was getting paid and also, all actors in Hollywood know that the chances of being nominated for an Oscar go up significantly if you drop a ton of weight for a role. The more skeletal and sick you end up looking the better your chances of being nominated.

So what say we give McConaughey a break on this one? I mean, at least the man wore a shirt for the interview.

You can check out the "offending" joke at the end of this clip and tell me what you think.

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