So Kim Kardashian's butt may not be as natural as she'd have you think...

I've been saying it from day one that Kim Kardashian's booty looks like she's had butt injections and it appears I may have been right all along. Kim has denied having had butt implants for years. She even had an X-ray done a few years back to prove it. But a close source told Closer magazine that Kim has definitely plumped up her behind with injections shortly after giving birth to baby North. Hmmm... could it be? If it is, then, I knew it!


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"Kim hasn't had implants. She's had the fat from her tummy and thighs taken out by lipo, then injected into her bottom. She also wears padded knickers sometimes," the source said. None of this information has been confirmed, and for all we know these might just be rumors, but you have to admit Kim's butt looks incredibly big (and sort of unnatural). Seriously, did you see her the other day in those tight, off-white trousers? Her butt looked HUGE and not really in a good way either!

"She's always been obsessed with her bottom, and friends think she has had a top-up treatment on it since giving birth," the source also said. "On a good day she loves her bum and boobs, but some days she wishes she was taller and slimmer."

I've always had my doubts about Kim's big butt being real, but I noticed the shape and size changed drastically after her pregnancy. I was shocked after she posted that skimpy swimsuit picture on Instagram that showed her bigger, cellulite and stretch-mark free behind. Dr. Neil Sadick, a clinical professor of dermatology at Weill Cornell Medical College believes she may have had some work done. "It's very likely she may have had fillers injected," he told "There are also a number of body-tightening procedures and fat-melting technologies, such as Cellulaze, which is an internal technology, and Velashape, which is an external technology."

But here's the thing, I actually think Kim got butt injections WAY before she even got pregnant. I decided to do some digging and came across an old picture of her back in 2006 posing with Zoe Winkler. If you take a good look, Kim doesn't have all that much booty going on. Now how is it possible to go from that to the junk in the trunk she's carrying now? Like I said, I may not have any proof but this before picture says it all!

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