Rosie Rivera offers Chiquis a tearful apology

Rosie rivera Rosie and Juan Rivera are speaking out for the first time about managing her sister Jenni Rivera's empire after her demise and other juicy gossip. In an interview with Myrka Dellanos for Estrella TV, Rosie speaks about her mistreatment towards her niece Janney "Chiquis" Marin Rivera and the rumored relationship she had with Jenni's estranged husband, Esteban Loaiza.

The information that Rosie divulges is so shocking that Dellanos says this is the most vulnerable and honest interview she has done with the late singer's siblings.


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The special premieres this Thursday at 7 P.M. and Dellanos describes her experience with Rosie to be one that even she wasn't prepared for. The reporter asked her about Chiquis and Loaiza's relationship and if it was true what the media was saying about them and Dellanos says that Rosie tearfully asked for forgiveness from her niece and late sister.

"I knew that they wanted to break their silence over the family's private matters, but I never imagined that it was about Chiquis," Dellanos says. Rosie even went as far to honestly share that she hurt Chiquis after Jenni's death and made her pay rent. Being in charge of the Rivera fortune has clearly affected her as she's been accused of being greedy with her sister's money.

She says the stress that comes with being in possession of that much wealth makes her wish that her sister will miraculously return. She admits that sometimes she prays to God wishing that he had taken her along with Jenni and wishes that things had turned out differently.

Wow, talk about drama! It's amazing how Jenni has been dead for over a year, but the media still loves to pick apart her family. I'm sure Rosie had to do certain things she wasn't proud of when Jenni's estate was handed over to her. I was honestly shocked when she admitted to making Chiquis pay rent in the very house she helped build with her own mother. Seriously, so not cool. It makes me wonder what other juicy stuff Rosie and her brother have to share. If you want in on the gossip, make sure to check out the segment tomorrow on Estrella TV!

Image via Rosie Rivera/Facebook

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