Esteban Loaiza's first wife speaks out for the first time & exposes all his secrets (EXCLUSIVE)

Christina VarrassoIn December, I wrote about how Esteban Loaiza finally addressed the rumors that the reason Jenni Rivera filed for a divorce from him was that he had an affair with Jenni's daughter Janney "Chiquis" Rivera. He denied those rumors in an interview with Al rojo vivo. Anyway, you know how rumors are, as far as I'm concerned they are rumors until proven otherwise and I was prone to believe Loaiza at the time, but not so much any more.

So what happened to change my mind about Loaiza's believability? His first wife Christina Varrasso got in touch with me and you are not going to believe what I learned from her and from reading her novel Running for Yellow, much of which was inspired by her relationship with Loaiza.


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Varrasso's book isn't a memoir, but it sure as heck reads like it in many parts and mirrors things that happened in her relationship with Loaiza and, let me tell you, Loaiza is no stranger to fooling around on the side or to lying about it. Of course I had a ton of questions for Varrasso and she was kind enough to answer them. So here is some of what I learned in Christina's own words, which have been edited for brevity.

MamásLatinas: What drove you to write Running for Yellow, which deals with some rather painful topics?

Christina Varrasso: I think what drove me to write the book was the strong love I felt for my dad who had died in 1994, a year before I met Esteban. He would've been even more disappointed about the passionless life I was leading (and depression I was feeling) in the years after my divorce all because of one person, Esteban, who may have never really understood what love or marriage was. One day I was writing in my journal and I thought, I have a story to tell. This story is going to be a message to everybody, but especially women, to pursue their dreams no matter what obstacles stand in the way.

ML: I read court papers from your divorce proceedings with Loaiza and they read like a telenovela. The kind of stuff  that makes your jaw drop to the ground because how could someone be such a dang liar?! Did you ever get any closure?

Varrasso: Even though Running for Yellow is a novel, much of it was inspired by what I went through while married to Esteban. Our entire relationship was a lie. He went out with lots of women while we were married and one day he didn't come home because he had gotten a girl pregnant who worked as a nanny for one of his teammates ... I think the most difficult memory that still haunts me is the way in which Esteban left me. There wasn't even a good-bye. He just didn't come home one day. But I did get closure eventually: A few years after the divorce he contacted me. He apologized, said I deserved none of what he put me through. And I must say, I went through a lot. He had me believing this girl was a fanatic and I was a jerk for questioning his fidelity. During our marriage he blamed me for the escalating tension in our relationship caused by [name withheld] and her friends' incessant calls to torment me. The crank calls in the novel sound like a lullaby compared to the things they said to me.

ML:  Why after all this time are you willing to discuss such a personal issue with us?

Varrasso: I've always kept quiet thorough Esteban's shenanigans because I am a private person and did move on with my life. Even when he married Jenni Rivera, reporters attending the wedding contacted me asking for a comment. I declined. When the scandal between he and Jenni went public, I still stayed quiet. But I found myself feeling very bad for Jenni. When I read the article about him "speaking out" about what transpired between them, I thought, WHY SHOULD HE HAVE THE LAST WORD ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED? I decided to [reach out]. I simply didn't want Jenni's allegations to be fluffed away as accusations based on insecurities from past relationships. He never spoke about the scandal when she was alive. Why now?

Wow! Wow! Wow! And that, my dear, is why I am not so prone to taking Esteban Loaiza's word on his romantic affairs.

I want to thank Christina Varrasso for reaching out and sharing her story with us. You can get her novel Running for Yellow via,, and on Kindle and now that you know some of the background it will make for an even juicier read.

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