Sofia Vergara gets bachelorette present every Latina wants on 'Ellen'

sofia vergaraSofia Vergara usually makes others laugh with her funny wit on Modern Family. However she got  the last laugh during an appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show. As we all know Sofia has been engaged forever now to fiance Nick Loeb, but there hasn't been talk of actual wedding planning. Being the big celebrity that she is, rumors are always surrounding her and one of them is that she is going to have three weddings.

While on the show she set the record straight and EVEN received a surprise herself!


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Vergara told Ellen that she has not planned anything for her wedding even though she has been engaged since 2012. The hilarious part is that her family believed the rumors about her having three weddings, but the poor actress had to break it to them that they were false.

Even though there are no solid wedding plans, Ellen couldn't help herself and presented Sofia with an engagement present. She told Sofia that since she always complains about them not having the right coffee, that she brought Juan Valdez for her. A man dressed like the Colombian coffee symbol came on stage to present her with the good stuff. And by "good" stuff ... well, you'll get what I mean in a second.

Sofia, who knows Ellen's prankster ways, was hesitant about drinking the coffee because she thought that the host is pulling a prank on her. Well, this time she was on the right track, but it had nothing to do with her coffee. Instead her Juan Valdez server also happened to be a stripper!

As the male stripper gyrates in her face, Sofia was a good sport and added wads of money inside his underwear. You can't help but love every moment of this because Sofia was TOTALLY into it!

As if I didn't love Sofia and Ellen already, this makes me want to party with them too. I bet Sofia's bridesmaids are going to have to find a way to top Ellen's stripper because he did a great job! It's great to see that Sofia is in no rush to get married but I'm sure when she's ready, she'll have Juan Valdez coffee at her reception.

Image via The Ellen Degeneres Show

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