Have you seen Shakira and Rihanna's steamy music video for their single "Can't Remember to Forget You"? If not, I suggest you do it as soon as you can before it's censured for being so indecent and you can't see it any more. Well, ok, I seriously doubt that'll happen, but at least one renowned Colombian activist known as the "Family Councilor" has asked for the racy video to be banned because it promotes smoking and homosexuality. 

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Just take a look at what Marco Fidel Ramírez ask from his fellow-Colombian: 

... Now that you're a mom too, I respectfully ask that you take down your video from social media and, I hope, you remove from the market your song "Can't Remember to Forget You" with which together with Rihanna, promotes stealing, killing, lesbianism and smoking, which go against the natural social order.

I'm not going to deny that the music video is super racy and that both Shakira and Rihanna's moves, dressed very provocatively, are extremely sensual. I'm not going to deny that if you don't listen to the lyrics you'd have a hard time figuring out they're singing about how hard it is to forget a guy because it looks like the song's about their relationship. Even so, I think Ramirez's claims are absolutely absurd. While the video is super sexy, I don't see how it would motivate anyone to steal, kill, smoke or become a lesbian. What kind of crazy stuff is that?  

Meanwhile, the music video is so incredibly popular that it's garnered more than 57 million views on YouTube just four days after its release. And that's because it's excellent ... but I wouldn't let my kids see it!

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My children are grown and old enough to watch the video if they chose to, however I'm not sure if they have or not. I enjoyed the video Shakira and RihAnna are two beautiful ladies.


My kids don't really watch music videos, but I do not censor everything unless it is rated R and even then it depends on why something was rated R

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