Super Bowl 2014: The 5 best commercials you have to see!

Super Bowl Sunday is just two days and while many football fans are looking forward to watching the Seattle Seahawks take on the Denver Broncos, there's also another huge part to the big game (and no, it's not the halftime show): the commercials!

Every year, companies try to outdo each other by coming up with some funny and creative ads. But though many are kept top-secret until the day of, this year, a whole bunch of commercials have aready been released and gone viral. And I'm not surprised as there are some truly clever ones out there this time around! Check out some of my favorites (including one starring a particularly adorable puppy!) of what we've seen below:


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1. Budweiser is all about puppy love, as can be seen in this adorable commercial, in which a little furry golden retriever befriends a horse and becomes "Best Buds." So much cuteness!

2. This Cheerios ad brings back the interracial family that starred in last year's commercial. Only this time, the parents have big news: there's a baby on board! Wait 'til you see the little girl's reaction.

3.The men of Full House reunite in this hilarious ad for Greek yogurt, Oikos.

4. Ellen Degeneres plays Goldilocks-like character looking for the playlist that is "just right" for her famous dance moves in this funny commercial for the Beats playlist app. 

5. The always hilarious Anna Kendrick pokes fun at beer commercial trope in Newcastle Brown Ale's non-Super Bowl ad.

Image via YouTube

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