Celebrity sex: 8 Stars who share way TMI

When it comes to celebrities' personal lives, some share more than others--a lot more. Take for example Naya Rivera! The 27-year-old Glee star can't gush enough about her relationship with fiance Big Sean and specifically, their hot sex life. In fact, in a recent interview with Cosmo for Latinas, she admitted that they "have sex everywhere!" Jeez, talk about TMI. 

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Rivera and Big Sean have had a whirlwind romance, getting engaged less than a year after making their public debut as a couple. While it might seem fast, the actress says she couldn't be more confident in their decision to get married, telling the magazine:

I think he's going to be an amazing husband, and he'll make a great father someday. He's so kind to people, but he also wears the pants in our relationship, which I love. We Latinas are very independent and strong, so it's even sweeter that I've found somebody who can let me out of that role for a minute.

But just because they're about to tie the knot doesn't mean that they're acting like an old married couple yet! The actress also revealed that she recently spiced up their sex life by installing a stripper pole in the couple's home. And that's not all! She also said that she has "tons" of lingerie and even admitted, "We have sex in public." OK then! Well, clearly lack of passion isn't one of their concerns ... or shyness, for that matter.

Still, Rivera is hardly the only celeb who has overshared about their sex lives. Below, check out some other stars who've regaled the world with WAY too much information: 

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Some celebs can care less to keep certain things private lol while others don't talk about it at all
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