Get ready to meet Dania Ramirez's adorable twins! Two weeks after Ramirez revealed the AWESOME names of her twins, the Devious Maids star has now shared the FIRST photos of her newborn babies with the world on her Instagram account. And we're already in love!

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The Dominican actress posted the first photo of her daughter Gaia Jissel Ramirez Land to her Twitter account last night with the caption: "Gaia's 1st Day on Set!" She was referring of course to the set of Devious Maids in Atlanta, where she and her co-stars Ana Ortiz, Judy Reyes and Roselyn Sanchez have just begun shooting the show's second season, which is set to premeire on Lifetime on April 20. 

A few minutes later, Ramirez posted another photo of Gala's twin brother John Aether Ramirez Land. "Aether needs a post too! ," the proud mom wrote

Ramirez, who gave birth to  Gaia Jissel and John Aether on December 17, revealed the meaning behind her fraternal twins' names to in early January. 

"Gaia is the Greek goddess of Earth. Aether is the god or personification of the upper air that only the gods can breathe, hence the medical term 'ether," she told the magazine, explaining that they call their son by his middle name. "They were actually siblings in Greek mythology. My 12-year-old stepson's name is Kai, which means ocean, and we wanted to connect them all. So now we have water, earth and air."

Ramirez is married to director John Beverly Amos Land and also has a stepson named Kai. 

Congrats, Dania! 

Image via Dania Ramirez/Instagram

Gaia's 1st Day on Set! #DeviousMaids 1

Gaia's 1st Day on Set! #DeviousMaids

Image via Instagram 


Aether needs a post too! #BabiesOnSet 2

Aether needs a post too! #BabiesOnSet

Image via Instagram


#Aether God of the Upper Air... 3

#Aether God of the Upper Air...

Image via Instagram 

#PeakABoo #Gaia Goddess of Earth... 4

#PeakABoo #Gaia Goddess of Earth...

Image via Instagram