WATCH: Baby skateboarding prodigy will blow your mind!

youngest skater in the worldOh my goodness, get ready to have your mind blown by a 2-year-old in diapers. This cutie can ride a skateboard like nobody's business and might just be the world's youngest skater. Most 2-year-olds aren't even that steady on their feet, but this kid rides a skateboard with ease and jumps up and down curbs like it's no big thing. I mean, come on! He can't even poop on the toilet yet, but he is a skating sensation. His name is Kaheil Stone-Kelly and he lives in Victoria, Australia, but thanks to the wonders of the internet, he can share his talent with the whole world. You've got to see this little cutie in action.


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Okay, now of course the over-protective mama bear in me has to say something that is going to spoil some of the fun of watching this video, but I have to say it or my mommy card will be revoked. Although, I so appreciate seeing this child in action, pretty please make him wear a helmet like the one he has on in the picture above from now on. That's a precious little skull there and I certainly do not want to see him get hurt. Safety first! Okay, I said it.

Now watch the video below and tell me what you think of what this kid can do on a skateboard.


Image via Kahlei Peihopa Stone-Kelly / Facebook

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