Telemundo's Carmen Dominicci & her son received death threats, but fight back!

Carmen Dominicci, the correspondent for Telemundo's news show Al Rojo Vivo, and her ex Osvaldo Ríos, have publicly admitted that they are going through one of the most difficult moments of their lives. The situation is so serious that they've gotten police and even the FBI involved. At the center of the whole storm is their 24-year-old son Giuliano Ríos. I can't even imagine how scared these parents must be right now. What a horrible situation!


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In the post, which has been erased from her accounts, Dominicci announced that someone has been threatening her and her son with Ríos (who is also one of Shakira's exes, interestingly) to death for months now. Obviously shaken by the whole situation, she went on Twitter and Facebook to defend herself, but I assume police convinced her that it's never a good idea to challenge someone who is obviously deranged.

The boricua star wrote:

You've been threatening to kill my son and I for months. I also won't have pity on you when the law gets you. None of your cowardly anonymous threats will make me stop going on the air. You'll see me there tomorrow and every day. I hope to give the news of your arrest soon.

After that post, as it's to be expected, fans and media alike have been surprised and tried to find out more information on what happened. Puerto Rican daily El Nuevo Día contacted Ríos, who told them that he'd be making hte first and last statements on the topic: "Even when Carmen and I have talked [about this] and we're on top of everything that's happening, for the good of our son Giuliano, I won't be making statements of any kind. The case is in the responsible hands of the FBI ... We can't give out any more comments or info. That's the only statement I will give, as I agreed with Carmen."

I can't even imagine how to live with a fear that huge. Especially because we see in movies or TV how cases like these can end so tragically. I hope, with all my heart, that authorities find the desgraciado (or desgraciada, you never know) that is doing this to Dominicci and her family.

Even Dominicci and Ríos had a scandalous separation where domestic violence issues came to light, they've recently been seen together for the first time in years. I'm glad to see they're coming together to defend their son!

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