WATCH: Crazy woman loves to eat baby's dirty diapers!

A 22-year-old woman has recently opened up on TLC's new episode of My Strange Addiction about her sick obsession with hoarding, sniffing, and eating dirty diapers. Keyshia from Queens, New York is so addicted to these things she literally carries them with her EVERYWHERE she goes. Ewwww!!!!!


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"I'm expecting my first child and I love sniffing and chewing dirty diapers," she said on the episode. And not just any ol' dirty diaper is going to cut it for her either. "It has to have pee in it. The heavier ones that have more pee smell better."

Keyshia started hoarding diapers and taking them with her everywhere about two years ago. "I love it, it just tastes amazing. I have one when I'm cooking in the kitchen, I have one in my drawers, I have one when I'm sleeping, I keep some in my trunk, I keep some in my pocket book," she said. The girl goes through diapers like a junkie goes through drugs. It's freaking insane!

So let me break this down for you, because you're probably still in a state of shock. Basically this woman genuinely enjoys sniffing and chewing on diapers filled with baby piss and poop. Doesn't that sound like something they'd do to torture war prisoners? This loca is doing this out of her own free will.

When I heard she was pregnant, the first question that ran through my head was: Where is she getting all these dirty diapers from? Is she going through people's trash? Worse! She's asking her friends and even strangers to give her their kids' dirty diapers and they're ACTUALLY giving them to her. What kind of friends would agree to feed their mentally unstable friend their baby's crap?

The only one who seems concerned about all this is her fiancé, especially now that she's pregnant. Because now she's feeding their baby poop, pee, and diaper materials too. I'm not going to lie, I question a guy who's willing to stay with a woman who sniffs and eats dirty diapers for two years. Could you imagine what her morning breath must be like?

Let's just hope that this show will help this woman get the help that she needs and quick. I'm worried to death for that poor baby!

Image via TLC

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