Kids reenact story of how a couple met in the cutest save-the-date EVER

Thanks to YouTube, we've all seen plenty of amazing, one-of-a-kind proposals captured on tape, but I don't think I've ever seen a truly creative save-the-date…until now!

In what is by far the sweetest thing I've seen all month, soon-to-be-married couple Amy DeChristopher and Hunter Cain asked their future wedding guests to mark their calendars by having two adorable, giggly kids reprise the story of how they met! I know…talk about a recipe for off-the-charts cuteness.


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As is explained in the video, posted in December, the little ones agreed to help Amy and Hunter with their project only with the promise of ice cream. But though the two might've needed some coaxing (OK, bribing) before agreeing to participate, they did a great job at playing along, even donning outfits for each character (aka a football jersey and hat for little "Hunter"). Haha! How freakin' adorable is that?!

They then go on to act out the stages of Hunter and Amy's transition into coupledom--the initial refusal on Amy's part, the change of heart after she realized Hunter could play guitar, the memories of gifts Hunter used to bring her and of course, the eventual marriage proposal!  The entire video is so well-done and the kids are so cute and funny, it's pretty much guaranteed to make you melt.

Watch the whole thing for yourself below:

Image via Vimeo