Jennifer Lopez gives birth on live television!

Jennifer Lopez had a moment on the Ellen Degeneres Show that I don't think anyone will ever forget. She gave birth and with the help of her American Idol co-stars Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. By the looks of her face and all the crazy breathing she was doing, I think it's fair to assume she was in a TON of pain. But wait when did J.Lo get pregnant? And is her young boo, Casper Smart the baby dad?


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Sike! She gave birth all right ... but it wasn't for real. Had you there for a second, huh? The pop star was only pretending to deliver on Ellen's show on Wednesday as part of a charade-like game she was playing along with her co-stars. You could totally tell she's been pregnant in REAL life, because all that breathing looked pretty convincing. Too bad Ellen herself couldn't figure it out. She thought they were "making pie."

That was definitely the funniest skit they performed, but they also imitated synchronized swimming and taking a selfie. J.Lo also managed to "make it rain" with imaginary dollar bills on Harry who was pretending to strip. "I almost pulled the money out in the strip club and then I was like, 'This is Jennifer Lopez ... I can't afford it.' " He wound up stripping for Keith instead and they got so close they looked like they were going to kiss.

Thank god this was all just pretend, because I don't think Jennifer is ready to pop another baby. The girl isn't even sure she wants to get married again, despite how well things seem to be going with Casper. But then again, who knows.

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