Police raid Justin Bieber's home, find hard drugs

Just when it seemed like the constant drama surrounding Justin Bieber was starting to calm down, he's back at it again. So what'd he do now? While investigating allegations that the 19-year-old pop star egged his neighbor's house, cops reportedly found drugs, initially thought to be cocaine, in plain view at his Southern California mansion. Uh-oh!


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But Beliebers don't have to worry, the singer hasn't really done anything illegal. The Los Angeles County Sherrif's Department said the drugs actually belonged to Bieber's friend, 20-year-old rapper Lil Za, who is reportedly living at the home. Police told reporters the drugs seemed to be Ectasy and Xanax, not cocaine as originally thought, but that they were still running tests.  

Lil Za was charged with felony drug possession and taken out of the residence in handcuffs. Though his bail was reportedly initially $20,000, he picked up an additional felony vandalism charge after damaging a phone while jailed and another $50,000 was added.

Bieber was one of the seven or eight people at the house during the search earlier Tuesday, but police confirm that he was not connected to the drugs, other than that the perpetrator was staying at his house. However, he is still under investigation for the egg-throwing incident outside his neighbor's house last week.

Oh, Justin! Why does it seem like not a week goes by without him landing in some sort of hot water?! Sure, the drugs might not have actually been his, but the reason his house was being searched in the first place was for a prank he might have committed.And while t wasn't his fault Lil Za got arrested, Bieber's name will forever be connected to this latest drug incident…which he really doesn't need. I mean, hasn't he already had enough bad press lately?

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