'The Bachelor': Juan Pablo sends 3 girls home and the drama intensifies quickly

I told you things were going to get wild in the second episode of The Bachelor 18th season, starring super hot ex soccer player Juan Pablo Galavís. Two lucky girls, Clare Crawley and Kat Hurt, went on a one-to-one date with Juan Pablo, while 13 went on a group date. Several bachelorettes didn't get a date at all and JuanPa sent them chocolates. Three girls were sent home by the end of this very dramatic episode, where we also saw a naked Lucy Aragon and Victoria Lima absolutely drunk. Can you believe it?


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Victoria's drunken segment was the wildest. The 24-year old Brazilian legal assistant from Boca Ratón, Florida, was asked by JuanPa not to go to the rose ceremony. She didn't even go back to The Bachelor Mansion to pick up her stuff. Victoria, who described herself as the kind of woman who likes "to be mysterious" instead of being "the center of attention", showed her true colors by running out of the party and secluding herself in a bathroom screaming as if she was possessed. Even JuanPa tried to help her, but all his efforts were in vain.

The first one-on-one date was with Clare Crawley, a 32-year old hairdresser from Sacramento, California and the same girl who pretended she was pregnant during the first episode. First, JuanPa sent her a card saying: "Let's chill. Love, Juan Pablo", and later took her to the winter wonderland the producers created in Malibu Hills.

JuanPa drove her from the mansion to a picture perfect winter wonderland where they were very playful, skated on a private ice-rink and shared their first kiss. Clare's dream of getting a red rose came true. They both ended up dancing in an unreal scene, wearing swimsuits and snow jackets while it was snowing…

The second one-on-one date was with Kat Hurd, a 29-year old medical sales representative and former dancer from Iowa, currently living in Scottsdale, Arizona. JuanPa sent her an invitation were we could read, "I can feel the electricity". Then he surprised Kat by taking her on a private plane to Salt Lake City, Utah, where they both were part of the Electric Run, a super fun night 5K run. They had a blast wearing neon clothes and dancing. Later that night, they flew back to Los Angeles.

 The group date included Nikki, Andi, Christy, Chantel, Lucy, Victoria, Kelly, Elise, Chelsie, Alli, Cassandra, Lauren, and Renee. They met up with JuanPa for a photo shoot benefitting Models 'n Mutts, an organization that helps animals in need. That evening after the party, Victoria stole the spotlight when, after getting drunk, she had a meltdown over not having alone time with JuanPa.

Lucy's nudity scenes were so annoying that I'm not going to write another sentence about that. And it was so sad to see Victoria losing control. JuanPa was such a gentleman that the following morning he went to see her at the hotel room where she spent the night, said good bye and told her not to go to the rose ceremony. Along with Victoria, Chantal and Amy went home with no roses.

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