Enrique Iglesias talks about his small penis AGAIN & it's nothing to brag about

Someone needs to let Enrique Iglesias know that size DOES matter. The sexy Spanish singer decided to brag about his teeny tiny penis once again, but this time during a recent interview. For those of you who don't remember, Enrique went on a whole penis rant back in 2011 during one of his Australian concert tours. Not only does he have a small member, but apparently the dude can't even last more than 8 minutes. Poor Anna Kournikova!


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They say it's not the size of a man's penis that counts, but how he works it. But I'm sorry, a dude bragging about having a small package is definitely a turn off—at least for most women I know anyway. And at least the first time he did this he was drunk. What was his excuse now?

"I go skinny-dipping if there are no paparazzi around … I'm not going to tell you because it would ruin my career. There's not a lot to show off … my worst defect is from my waist down. I'm sorry, no, that's not my worst defect … but it is a little curved."

Now that's certainly disappointing.  So not only is his penis small but it's also curved! All those hot Latin looks for nothing huh? Maybe a small penis is no big deal when it's attached to a man as hot as Enrique?

"What does Spanish looks have to do with the size of your penis," Enrique said back in 2011. "They're completely different things. Maybe I have the Spanish looks but I have the smallest penis in the world. I'm serious."

I have to agree with Enrique, one thing has nothing to do with the other.  And it doesn't look like he even knows how to use what he has because he even admitted he can't even last 8 minutes in bed. Yes, 8 minutes!

"S—t, I don't even last eight minutes now," he said during his Australian concert. Sorry Enrique, but I definitely liked you better when I thought you had a big, juicy penis. "Tonight I'm f'ing you," will never be the same for me ...

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