thaliaI dont know if you've seen Thalia's latest holiday pictures, but she's sporting a bikini and a super toned bod that would make any of us envious. While most of us were spending time indoors and stuffing ourselves with rich foods, she was flaunting her assets on the beach.

I later learned that she wasn't the only Latina celeb showing off her body and boy did they serve as a wake-up call. If you're looking to get fit in 2014 these ladies can be the ultimate motivation for you. If they can look THAT good in a bikini, so can you!


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Getting to the gym can be a hassle since our lives remain busy, but being active is important for good health. This year if you're looking to attain your best self yet, it's time to put any lame excuses behind you. From celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez to Evelyn Lozada, these ladies serve as the perfect body inspirations for all of us. These are women with real bodies and they all vary in size.

We can't stop admiring them because you can tell they put the work and effort into their bodies. The good thing is we can too and can turn to them for inspiration. Although we may not achieve rock hard abs like Evelyn's, just by following her example can put us in the right direction.

In fact, below are some of the hottest Latinas who have taken some hot selfies of themselves. Let me tell you, they can easily motivate you to stick to your weight loss goal for the upcoming year. Nope, you won't be the woman who ditches her gym membership after a month after you see these ladies. Check them out below for some fit-spiration!

Image via Thalia/Instagram

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