famousNot so breaking newsflash: people are getting famous for doing just one thing and I want in on this kind of fame. Think Jared Fogle who only ate food from Subway for a year and lost all kinds of weight. Or Morgan Spurlock who ate only food from McDonald's for 30 days and gained all kinds of weight. Well, now a woman has gotten in on this one-thing-to-fame-game.

Her name is Beautiful Existence (yup, you read that right) and she ate only items from Starbucks and Starbucks related properties for a year. Why? I don't know, maybe just to show that she could and blog about it or maybe she just wanted to break the glass ceiling on what has been a male-dominated one-step-to-fame strategy. Well, all this has got me thinking about things that I as a Latina woman could do to get famous or at least internet famous.

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Hmmm, I want the one thing that I choose to become famous to be something I actually want to do because I don't want to spend a year of my life doing something I don't like. Also, it would be ideal if it were culturally relevant so that I could use it as a teaching experience for kids. So here are the three Latino things I wouldn't mind doing to get famous.

  • Eat only Mexican food for an entire year. I realize that there are probably Mexicans in Mexico that already do this and it's no big deal, but has anyone in America done this yet to become famous? I must get my assistant to check for me, but first I need to get an assistant.

  • Find an abuela and do everything that she says for an entire year. My abuela is no longer alive and when she was I ignored most of her advice. How cool would it be if I found an abuela, asked her for advice on just about everything for a year, and then actually followed her advice? I smell hit reality TV show!

  • Only watch telenovelas for a year. In other words, all television programming that is not a telenovela is strictly off limits. How would that affect my world view? Would I all of a sudden want butt implants.

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