SEE: Chiquis Marin shows off new AMAZING body after 30 lb loss

chiquis marinJenni Rivera's oldest daughter Chiquis Marin has had a tough year. I would dare say it's probably been the toughest year of her life. Her mom, Jenni, died in a plane crash last year on December 9 and since then, chisme and family drama has followed. With all that stress, any girl would gain weight, and it seemed like Chiquis did (just look at her just a few months ago). But Chiquis is finally regaining some control of her life, and as evidenced, she recently showed off her amazing transformation on the February 2014 cover of People en Español, along with Venezuelan actor-turned-celebrity weight loss coach Alejandro Chabán. And I have to say, the "new" Chiquis looks AMAZING. Check her out below.


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I don't want to say Chiquis was out of control; after all, she was the one pretty much at the helm of her family along with her tía Rosie, after La Diva de la Banda died last year. She continued some of her mom's dreams and many of them have actually come true. But she was a little on the heavy side, as she'd always been. Though I'm sure the pressures of the last year didn't help her keep her figure.

A sign of her rebirth, though, is her new slimmed-down body. "People said I was gordita," she told the magazine. "Yes, I had a gordita in my heart, and she's still with me, but I finally told her, it's time for you to take a rest."

So how did she do it? Aside from Chabán's diet plan (which includes a balanced diet to attain an ideal weight and mixes nutrition with "movement," emotional health, and dietary supplements), she's given up white rice and chocolates, which she loves.

She posted an excited message on her Instagram account: "I'm so excited and thankful with God, my mami, and of course my friend @alejandrochaban and the whole team at @yesyoucandietplan! Thank you for believing in me and for sharing your diet plan which I love!"

She also shared that she's going to continue with the challenge of a healthy life and with her future plans, which include finally launching her regional Mexican career. "I want to focus more on my career," she said, "and help my mom with certain businesses." Whatever those new businesses are, we look forward to hearing more.

Whatever the future holds, I hope Chiquis can maintain this healthy new sexy look and we wish her much success with all her plans. And, of course, congrats on that great new body!

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