Alex and Sierra: 10 things you didn't know about the 'X Factor' winners

Alex and SierraWe've been watching The X Factor all season long and like most people, we've been totally smitten with Alex and Sierra, the (seemingly) adorable boyfriend-girlfriend duo who are cuter than a litter of tiny kittens on Christmas day. Alex and Sierra, as we've seen over and over again, are SUPER talented! Which is why they (easily) won X Factor season four last night.

But how well do we REALLY know these piano-playing, pitch-perfect lovebirds? And can we REALLY trust them? YOU be the judge! 


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Check out 10 things you didn't know about the talented duo:

1. They make VERY goofy faces: Evidence: See above and last night, when Alex and Sierra were crowned the winners of X Factor season four, Sierra even acknowledged: "Thanks for not making fun of my weird faces all of the time." The girl is SERIOUSLY goofy and we dig it! 

2. They do have last names! Although everyone refers to the couple as "Alex and Sierra" (and they were NEVER introduced by their full names), these are two DIFFERENT people with separate identities who EACH have a last name. Your mind is blown, right? According to their joint Twitter account, these are their FULL names: "We're and and we like to sing. Sometimes we're on . Oh and we like food." Still, we'll continue to call them "Alex and Sierra." We got used to it. So sue us...

3. This isn't their first singing competition: According to the website, Alex and Sierra auditioned for season 12 of FOX's American Idol before trying out for The X Factor. "While Sierra didn't move on in the competition, Alex actually made it to Hollywood," the website reports

4. They're very old-fashioned: Although a lot of fans wanted Alex to propose to Sierra on the show, the lovebirds say that was never going to happen. "That was never part of our game plan," Alex tells "That would also look like we're trying to get votes. No," he said. And Sierra agrees with her man: "I bet my dad was like 'Nope! He is not doing that without my permission,' " she said. 

5. They met on a beach! In what is possibly the coolest story ever, Alex and Sierra met on a beach back in 2009 while he played Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours' on his guitar in the back of his truck. Cute!

6. Their performance of A Great Big World's "Say Something" will literally make the hair on your arms stand up: It's that good! And romantic. And AWESOME! Check it out for yourself:

7. They don't have Facebook accounts: Apparently someone created a fake Facebook account for Alex and Sierra and they weren't too happy about it. "WE DO NOT HAVE PERSONAL FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS ... so don't add the fake ones! Please and thank you. :) ~A&S," the couple Tweeted on December 16.

8). She's VERY flexible and weighs almost nothing! Check out that HIGH kick! 

9. Their performance of "Gravity" is one of the best things we've ever seen: Seriously, check it out

10). They don't have money--and they just won a million dollars! "I can't fathom what a million dollars is," Sierra said during a recent interview. "We're like college kids, we scramble money together to get, like, tacos." Well, Sierra, your days at Taco Bell are OVER! 

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