Most of the time, I think of commercials as annoying things that only serve to constantly interrupt my favorite show--usually at the best part! But this year, even I have to admit that several companies really stepped up their game, putting out ads that were touching, funny, creative and effective. Below, check out the five best commercials of 2013 (and for the record, #5 is my favorite!):

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1. Remember this super sweet and funny Superbowl commercial for Kia in which a dad struggles to answer his son's question "Where do babies come from?" His answer? A planet called Babylandia!

2. Made by the food advocates at LowLow, this ad basically parodies the relationship between food and all those stereotypical female characters that are regularly featured in normal weight loss commercials, like "Ditzy Gal," "Muffin Gal," and "Smug Gal." Hilarious!

3. Google reminded us why moms are so special this past Mother's Day with this moving commercial.

4. GoldieBlox, the toy company founded by engineer Debbie Sterling, just released one of the cutest and most creative commercials of the year, encouraging girls to be "thinkers, builders and innovators."

5. This incredible sweet and funny Coca Cola ad, originally aired in Argentina, manages to capture all the highs and lows of parenthood in 60 seconds. Check it out below and you'll see what I mean!

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