It is official, I am surely going to hell. I have been having impure thoughts about priests. Yes! I am having naughty thoughts about curas. My abuela must be tossing in her grave, but I will tell you what, if I showed her pictures of these priests she would totally understand. Did you know that since 2004 there has been a yearly Calendario Romano that is a 12-month calendar, which features pictures of what can only be described as model-worthy papacitos? I'm sorry, I can't help myself, I'm only human.

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The calendar is photographed by Piero Pazzi and is a popular Roman souvenir. If you are wondering, yes, you can order by mail. Now, of course, I have to show you some of the divine specimens that have graced previous editions, but be warned you may have some confessin' to do after you see these pious men.

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The Priests of Calendario Romano

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Those eyes!

That is one dreamy priest.

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Add Comment Have you ever seen such good looking priests?

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