shakira, rihannaAre Shakira and Rihanna about to release a new duet together?! Rumor has it that the two pop stars have teamed up together on a soon-to-be-released lead single, off the Colombian singer's upcoming album.

Um, Ri-Ri and Shaki together on one song? YES! I am so on board with this collaboration.


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Reports of the two working together first started swirling after Pitbull recently revealed that Rihanna was originally supposed to be featured on his hit song "Timber," not Ke$ha. The rapper says he was forced to make the switch because Rihanna had "something she had to do with Shakira." Hmm ... well, that sounds like proof enough to me!

Meanwhile, Shakira herself recently took to Twitter to confirm that she recently finished shooting a music video for her latest single with famed music director, Joseph Kahn. According to reports, the video filming took place in the Bahamas.

I've been eager to hear Shakira's new music for a while, especially since she's been working on her latest CD for months now and has made it clear she's put a ton of time and effort into her new songs. But hearing about this potential partnership has made me even more excited! And though the two have very different styles, Rihanna is known to be a hitmaker, so I'm pretty confident that anything she and Shaki put together will be music gold. Plus, judging from their past hits, I can only magine how fierce and fun that song would be! Not to mention, their video would be HOT.

Besides, though this match-up might be a little unexpected, it's far from the strangest we've ever heard of. Below, check out seven other weird musical collaborations:

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