Draco Rosa's cancer is back

It breaks my heart to confirm that Draco Rosa's battle with cancer has returned. After beating non-Hodgkin's lymphoma last year and recently performing at two sold out concerts last weekend, the former Menudo star is now facing a relapse. And it's pretty crazy timing considering he's still finishing up his fall tour with Juan Luis Guerra, Ricky Martin, and other stars that collaborated on his hit album, Vida. This is devastating!


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Draco's manager, Angelo Medina, revealed in a statement on Monday that the singer's cancer had returned two months ago. "I have to say that the courage and will Draco has is out-of-this-world. He also kept me in silence, even being as my own child, he wanted his encounter with people to be natural and not be evaluated as a person who had a condition. He told me the night of the Latin Grammys and I became an accomplice of his silence, because of his love for the art and wanting to give these concerts in Puerto Rico," Angelo said.

The good news is that doctors seem very optimistic. In fact, according to Medina, Draco's doctors believe he'll beat the cancer again. Let's hope so! "Draco is now taking time for advanced treatments and will continue with his commitments in Mexico, the U.S. and his ongoing work on a new album," the manager added.

I can't believe our Draco Rosa (who you may also know as Robi Rosa) is going through this all over again. And it's so, so sad considering that his fall tour and latest album, Vida, were inspired by his battle with lymphoma. Vida debuted at number one on Billboard's Top Latin Albums and when it released this March, Draco was already cancer-free. The album even won a 2013 Latin Grammy for Album of the Year. Who would have thought his cancer would return? ¡Pobrecito!

My heart and prayers go to Draco and his family. And considering how strong and brave this man is, I'm confident that he'll beat this thing the second time around too!

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