Olivia PopeTonight's Scandal was the first of a two-part winter finale that the show is promising will make you dizzy, so say some of the actors on their Twitter and the promos for next week's final episode before it starts up again in March 2014. But I have to admit, "YOLO" was one of the most disappointing episodes this season. It's probably because I got so used to the insanity of the past couple of weeks that a mildly tame episode felt like it dragged. It's the curse of the episode that sets up the finale. Bueno, here are the reasons I thought today left me wanting more.

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1. What the heck is up with Huck and the sexual tension with Quinn? The cringe-factor that went into that opening scene made my stomach turn. Holy crap, did he just rip out Quinn's tooth with pliers? Yup. Yup, he did. It makes no sense to me, though I know in the end everything was revealed to be another twisted plan to help Olivia out and kill evil Daddy Pope (who's not so evil after all!? More on that below). But still, did ya have to lick her face? And the tension between these two is so much deeper than between torturer and torturee. The whole thing is a little ridiculous.

2. So Daddy Pope isn't bad after all? Damn it, I've been skewering him all season and now it turns out all his evil plotting and killing was only to protect Liv from the evil mom? After Liv reached out to President Tool to help her mamá, it's going to turn out that she was wrong? I know about plot turns, but this is getting out of hand! So Maya is actually Marie Wallace and she is indeed an evil terrorist traitor and who-knows-what-else? Jake's President-backed operation to kill Daddy Pope (which came out of nowhere and went nowhere) went horribly wrong, but now that's okay? I feel like everything Daddy Pope has done that's evil is going to make it really hard to redeem him and make him seem like a good guy in the end. It's going to take a superhuman dose of suspension of disbelief to fall for that--not to mention that I'm going to be waiting for him to assassinate Liv or any of the Gladiators if there's ever some sort of make-up episode. Ah, so confused!

3. James Novak, please don't go back to your evil husband. I love Cyrus, I really do, but whoring out his husband just to get Sally Langston to stop her candidacy as an Independent and going against Fitz in the next election was just pure, pure evil. Just like James told him: Not only was he using him as a pawn, but he was also using him to shame another gay man who was in the closet, and that's just unforgivable.

4. Mellie! More Mellie! She was in this episode a total of maybe four minutes. I know it just wasn't the way the episode was supposed to go, but maybe next time we'll get more? I have to say, after the story lines of the last few episodes and how much they revolved around Mellie, I sort of want Shonda Rhimes to focus on her more. She so much more interesting than President Tool and even Olivia sometimes--especially this season with all the back-and-forth between those two.

5. Sally Langston flip-flopped in more ways than one. Okay so in the beginning of the episode, her campaign manager makes her swear that she's going to come out and become Pro-Choice after much deliberation and fake "soul searching." It's what she needs to win, he tells her! But then Cyrus shows up with the pictures of her husband, Daniel Douglas, having hot sex with his husband, James. For a moment it seems like she held it together and made Cyrus and Mellie's plan backfire. But her pride gets the best of her and the episode ends with her standing over Daniel's dead, bloody body … and calling--who else!?--Cyrus for help.

6. Olivia, Olivia … Olivia. There's not that much mean stuff I can really say about Liv at this point. The poor woman's life has been torn inside out, her mom who she thought was dead for 22 years, shows up at her door with the "Hi Livvy" that haunted my dreams the last few weeks, her dad is an evil weird spy-ish person, her man is the married President of the U.S. … But c'mon, making President Tool bail her mom out, only to realize that she's the actual monster in the whole story? Her gut failed her, huh? BIG TIME! What's going to happen now!? It's all up in the air, so stay tuned till next week!

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This makes the show great. Not a disappointment! The twists and turns are endless, which makes you and many others keep tuning in every week!
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