I can't believe it took one whole year to find out what the real cause of Jenni Rivera's death was. A report by the Mexican government was just made public and it details the cause of the plane accident that took the lives of Jenni, her four companions and the two pilots. It's been so long and it's so obvious though, that I take it as an almost insult. I don't even want to think about how Jenni's children or her family must have felt after the news of this report. But the contents, though we all knew, are quite shocking.


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The report, produced and released by the Dirección General de Aeronáutica Civil (or the Directorate General of Civil Aviation), revealed that the cause of the doomed plane's crash will never be known since the wreckage ended up such tiny pieces, that it's impossible to determine with certainty what exactly caused the crash. The one thing that they DID find was that, contrary to what was believed before, the small aircraft didn't explode mid-flight. The added that the ages of the plane AND the pilots definitely contributed to the plane's demise.

"It involved an aircraft that was more than 43 years old operated by pilots on the extremes of age, one who was 78 and the other 21", the technical report from the investigation committee states. But besides this, the main pilot, 78-year-old Miguel Perez, was driving a plane with almost 15,000 pounds of weight, despite the rules that a pilot over the age of 65 could not pilot a plane with excess of 12,500 pounds. Additionally, 21-year-old pilot Alessandro Torres was not authorized to fly the aircraft outside of the U.S.

The report also added that the plane's operator, Starwood Management, ignored Mexican and international aviation rules. "The operator of the aircraft did not allow the plane's log book to be updated with notations of the faults that passengers detected, such as the plane flight unaligned or that it vibrated when it reached cruising altitude," the report adds.

According to air traffic control radars, during the last minutes of the plane's flight, it went through "sudden and severe" which caused a "vertical, uncontrolled drop." I just hope the passengers didn't feel anything during their last moments. How AWFUL! Investigators couldn't salvage any information from the flight's data recorder or the voice recorders on the plane.

In other words, the true cause of Jenni Rivera's accident will probably never be known.

Images via Mun2, JacobYebale/Twitter