WATCH: 'Gypsy Sisters' brutal girl-on-girl fight is trashy TV at its worst (VIDEO)

I'm so disgusted right now that my stomach hurts. All from watching what is a truly repulsive clip of women from the TLC reality show Gypsy Sisters filmed in West Virginia beating the crap out of each other. Let me just say that I am thankfully unfamiliar with this kind of "reality." The clip shows a fight between Nettie and Kayla, who are by the way related. They are pissed off at each other for who knows what nonsense and according to their family philosophy: "With gypsies, in the long run, the only way you settle a war is with your fists." Okay, if you say so. These women are vicious to each other in this brutal brawl. If that's how they treat family, I don't want to mistakenly cross their path EVER.


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Sure, watching the fight caught on tape for what will surely be the benefit of TLC and having no one with any sense intervene is upsetting enough, but then listening to Nettie describe what she was going through during the actual fight makes her sound like a far less refined Hannibal Lecter getting ready for a meal of human flesh. Yuck.

I am not kidding you that Nettie describes the experience as if she had morphed into another creature who feeds on the bloody carcass of beaten kin. She says in a confessional moment, "Do you ever want to taste something like really good and your jaw's just like watering? I want to eat you the f**k up." Nope, I can't say that I've ever gotten into a fight and felt that way. Sometimes I think my kids are so cute that I could just "eat them up," but I don't think that's what Nettie is talking about.

Watch the atrociousness for yourself or don't and just take my word for it that they are beastly.

Image via TLC

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