Jennifer Lopez NUDE photos surface & they're NOT flattering!

Jennifer Lopez is coming off a great few days, after gaining high praise for her tribute to Latin legend Celia Cruz at this year's AMAs. But with some recent bad news, it looks like her week could now be taking a serious turn for the worse. According to Spanish-language publication Primera Hora, Lopez is on the verge of facing a nude photo scandal! Yikes!


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Apparently, the photos date way back to 2005, around the time Lopez released her CD Rebirth. In the pictures, Lopez appears topless and reportedly attempts (but mostly fails) to cover her breasts with her hair and arms. The snapshots were allegedly taken to be included in part of the CD's packaging, but Lopez later changed her mind and decided against using them.

Unfortunately for her, they seem to have come back to haunt her now! A hacker managed to steal the photos and is publishing them online. They seem to be the original copies, as the photos aren't retouched or Photoshopped, so they show a less-than-perfect J.Lo and the reality is apparently shocking. See the NSFW photos here.

Poor Jennifer! Is it me or does scandal seem to follow her wherever she goes? I know her fame makes her a target and all, but jeez! It seems as if she has had way more than her fair share of drama in her life and I can't help but feel kind of bad for her. After all, it's always embarrassing and humiliating when photos like these get out, no matter how used to the spotlight you might be.

At least she can take a little comfort in knowing she's far from the only celebrity to have private photos stolen from her and leaked online. At this point, I can hardly think of someone who hasn't had a nude photo scandal. In fact, considering how long Lopez has been in the public eye, it's practically a miracle this hasn't happened before.

Still, hopefully, her team will be able to prevent the photos from making the rounds online as best they can. In the meantime, I hope she doesn't let this get her down and continues to focus on her kids and ever-growing list of projects, including her much buzzed about return to American Idol!

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