Patrick Moote is an 'UnHung Hero' with a small penis but HUGE ... heart

Comedian Patrick Moote lives in Los Angeles and works in the entertainment industry, so he is no stranger to rejection and humiliation. But he's taken it to a whole other level by making the film UnHung Hero. He refers to the movie as a "cockumentary" and in it admits to the world that he has a small penis. What?!


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It all started because Moote was at a college basketball game sometime around Christmas one year with his then girlfriend. When the Mistletoe Cam came to them, he asked his girlfriend to marry him while everyone watched on the Jumbotron. She did not say yes. After an awkward pause his girlfriend took off and left him standing there. Ouch! Later he found out that one of the biggest reasons that she didn't want to marry him is that his penis is just too small for her. So what does he do? He makes a film about his small penis.

UnHung Hero is available on Showtime and will be on DVD December 10 (might make a nice gift for any unhung heroes in your life). The film chronicles Moote's journey to deal with his less than ginormous penis and to answer the question that never seems to go away, "Does size matter?"

He travels around the world looking for enlargement solutions and documenting the process. I love it. I love that he confronted an issue that is generally an embarrassment for men and just put it all out there. Apparently, his penis does not make an appearance on camera so we'll just have to take his ex-girlfriend's word for it.

Check out the clip of the film, it's pretty funny.

Image via Showtime

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