Dayanara Torres wants an INSANE amount of child support from Marc Anthony

Son of a gun! Dayanara Torres, Marc Anthony's ex-wife, wants him to fork over more money than he already does in child support. Now, I'm not saying Marc Anthony can't afford it because he probably can, but how much is enough? The Puerto Rican born actress and former Miss Universe who has two children with Anthony is taking him to court this week because the $13,000 in child support and $3,500 in spousal support she receives a month already is apparently not enough. So how much exactly does she want?


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Before I get to the amount she wants a few details are in order. Torres and Anthony were married in 2000 and divorced in 2004, their two children are 12-year-old Cristian and 10-years-old Ryan. According to Anthony's lawyer, Daniel Jaffe, aside from the monthly child and spousal support Anthony, "has paid for all of the kids' schooling, band lessons, camps, and all medical and dental costs. Virtually everything."

Now let's talk dollars. How much does Torres want a month? She wants to increase the monthly child support payments to $112,000. Seriously?! Isn't that a little much? Again, I'm not saying that Anthony shouldn't be supporting his kids, of course he should, but what the HECK?!

I find it hard to believe that either Dayanara or her children are living in squalor given the amount of money that Marc Anthony already puts out. Also, he doesn't strike me as a deadbeat dad. I'm sure he's got his kids' best interest at heart and will set them up for the future, but in my humble opinion his ex se pasa! Sure Anthony is making a boatload of money, but that's his money, not hers. The kids are being taken care of and will continue to be taken care of, this amount of money just seems downright greedy to me.

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Do you think Anthony should pay up or is Torres being unreasonable?

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Do you think Anthony should pay up or is Torres being unreasonable?

on Nov 29, 2013 at 1:51 PM

It really depends how you look at it because it is being said that he gives Jlo's 2 kids $100,000 a month so maybe he should give them the same amount just saying.

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