SEE: Alicia Machado shows off new body in nearly naked selfies

It might be cold out, but that's not stopping Venezuelan actress, TV host, and former Miss Universe Alicia Machado from working hard on her beach bum and then OF COURSE posting a picture of her bikini bod later on Twitter. I'm not by any means surprised that her half-naked snap stirred so much attention on Twitter. After all, the girl looks great! But on the same note, I think it's fair to assume this chica loves herself a good gym mirror selfie. So much so, I'd say she would totally fall under the whole female douchebag category, don't you think? Check out the obnoxious selfie for yourself!


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"Working hard! At the gym, my birthday will come with a big surprise on December 6!" she captioned her photo. She's obviously trying to get herself in shape by her birthday but why post all that on social media? Seriously, was she expecting a prize or something?

For those of you who aren't familiar with the female douchebag term, it's basically a chick who lives to post inappropriate pictures on Twitter and Instagram. This kind of woman tends to be really--REALLY--into herself. I'm talking way more than the average chica. She loves to dedicate her free time to posting pictures of her abs, butt, and full figure either in skimpy work out clothes or teeny tiny bikinis. And she doesn't care how stupid she looks snapping selfies of herself at the gym.

Alicia does this like ALL the time! If it isn't a pic of her in a bikini, it's sexy lingerie, or some other nonsense. I'm surprised she didn't include a hashtag like, #workinghard,  # tellmeimskinny, or #PLEASEEEEgivemeattention. We get it, Alicia, you're hot! But do we have to see your cleavage and ass all over Instagram and Twitter all the time?

I'm all for working out and hitting the gym, and I don't even think my issue is with Alicia per se, it's with all these celebs who feel the need to post pictures of their half-naked bodies all over social media all the time so that the world can think they're sexy. I totally get that they get paid for this, but all it does is put more pressure on us REAL women to feel the need to do the same and it's NOT cool!

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