The Walking Dead: The Governor's new family

Tonight's entire episode centered around The Governor and what happened to him after the massacre of his old town. It was a rough road for him to travel, which seemed appropriate given that he had just carried out mass murder against the very people he had pledged to protect. 

Immediately after The Governor went all gun happy with his peoples, he leaves the scene of the crime with Martinez, his trusty henchman. But even Martinez has his limits and by the next morning, the Gov's old friend was long gone.



The Governor was on his own and is lost and bewildered. He seems to just wander around for months, growing a beard and side-stepping walkers. Eventually, he stumbles upon an apartment building and enters when he sees a little girl in a window who looks eerily like his own lost daughter.

Enter the replacement family! Consisting of "tough", lesbian police cadet Tara, and her sister, Lily whose adorable daughter Megan was the child The Governor spotted in the window.

The Governor seems to be struggling with his own demons, barely speaking and struggling to connect with the family at first. Eventually though, he is sucked in to helping them when the grandfather asks the Governor to find a board game at the neighbor's apartment. Then Lily asks him to retrieve some oxygen from the old folks home just down the block, and just like that, the Governor is involved.

The latter task proves to be a bit more harrowing than the Gov. predicted and he was only able to escape with the two full tanks. The poor grandfather is on the brink of death anyhow with stage 4 cancer, so he eventually passes away. When he turns and no one else in the family is prepared to handle it, Gov. has to step in and smash the oxygen tank into grandpa's brains, seriously traumatizing little Megan.

The Gov. has managed to win over Lily and Tara though, and soon they are making plans to move on together and packing up the truck grandad left behind. Too bad that truck breaks down the very next day and the whole crew is forced to take to the open road, but not before the rascally Gov. and Lily get it on. Yup, no matter how sociopathic, the old Gov. really has some mojo.

Of course, as soon as they're out in the open they stumble upon a big herd of walkers and have to run for their lives. The Gov. disables multiple walkers BY HAND in order to protect Megan, but when all is said and done, he looks up and sees none other than Martinez! We have no idea what Martinez is thinking about this chance encounter. He obviously has no reason to trust the Gov. and every reason to be defensive. 

ACK! Will Martinez reveal who the Gov. really is to the new family that just took him in?

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